Case of the Mondays?


Trying to get Motivated on a Monday Morning? Try these simple tricks…

1) Write down something you love to do! – Use this “reward” as motivation to get through the more difficult tasks. For example, my latest obsession is downloading stock photos from Unsplash and editing them on photomonkey, not sure why, just love to do it. So when I write my to-do list for the day, I’ll throw this “reward” into the mix and look forward to the timing of when I have reached my “reward” task. Everyone likes a bribe.

2) Ask others for feedback– Recently, a friend, Joni & I have been exchanging emails about our newest product ideas. I have been working on Buttercup Montessori and she has been developing ‘Gray’ an organic baby blanket line. It has been helpful to ask her for feedback and bounce ideas off each other. Power in numbers, right?

3) Prioritize your tasks– In other words, get moving on the items that are most important. Work can be motivating when it’s clear, therefore try to clearly identify items that need immediate attention and go from there. There is power in priorities!


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